Saturday, July 02, 2005

What happened today?

well... not much of an event. just been busy searching for a new place to stay in alabang. in two weeks, our company is moving down to south and since i live in rizal that means i need to move out too to south. mmmmmm...not much of a problem but im a bit nervous and excited at the same time. i need to look for a place to stay in coz i cant afford to drive from rizal to alabang everyday. it will eat too much of my time. im nervous since this will be my first time to live alone. im not used to in fixing my bed, cooking for my food as well as washing my clothes. gonna miss my mom but of course ill be going home every weekends. my plan is every friday ill go home and spend that day with my family, then saturday will be my gimmick day. Sunday will be reserved for my gym session in greenhills (my fave branch) every 2pm. and of course attending mass.

On the other hand, im also excited since ill be living in a new place with new sets of people. i think its gonna be fun....i hope. This will be a nice time for me to recover and bring back my old life and my old self. This new place will be a good way to start it. :) Have a good day! Let's all be happy. :)


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