Saturday, July 02, 2005

Picking up the pieces

Wow, it is already 7th of the year. I just realized that it is getting so fast to end this year. A lot of things already happened in my life that I would consider not just a normal event. Right now I could say that I am starting to know what life really is. This would also be one of the lowest point of my life. I am not taking it as a cynical point of view. It is just the reality we need to accept and facing it is what I am doing right now. But I am starting to pick up the pieces now. This is helping me to become stronger and wiser. My perspective are changing now and I could say that I am a becoming a better man now.

..... only for that one thing that also changed my life. Sometimes it still gets into you. It drags you back to that old self and that old feeling. I guess that is just a part of it. This will fade soon, I know. It doesn’t matter now since it is my past. Things from the past should not be forgotten but should serve as a reminder for us.

….. also I am praying for that one thing I really want right now. I just hope I would get it. I would know that in few weeks time. If only I could get that, it would help me changed my life faster. I just hope I would get it. :)


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