Saturday, July 02, 2005

On my birthday

First three people who greeted me right after 12 midnight ...

*** Ate Ilyn (we were talking that time) 12am

1. George Defiesta (barkada) 12:05

2. Rex Fontanoza (my best bud) 12:08

3. L*** 12:54

Of course there are still those people who greeted me before 12 midnight

Benz, Reg, Mark, Milette, Henry, Tito Joven and Tita Didi, Mickey (cuz) Apple, Ivo, Eric and a lot more

*** Teth nag-pacute. She wants to be special kaya she greeted me with a cake on the day of my birthday. Thanks friend!!!

*** Thanks Mark for the gift. :)

Thank you also to those people who greeted me....including my mom of course

too many to mention ....... ECHO BATCH THANK YOU SA GREETINGS...pati sa picture na napaganda!!!! ......

Thanks Tranche 7 of UK Lost and Stolen and the KKK girls of Tranche 19 US Care (Jan, Angel and Joey)

People in my text inbox

Reg, Mark, Mickey, Kitte, George, Rex, L*, Daddy, Nadj, Meg D., Joey, Ate Irene, Ana, Chuck, Maricar, Paeng, Teng, Peter, Fifi, Chu, Mikka, Jan, Jovie, Amie, Chris Uy and Dennis.

Person who called kasi tamad magtext... Vince (of course kasama na si given)

Who I was with ....

Kitte, Meg E., Mikka, Pau, Ron, Rex (thanks bestfriend!!), and Nadj (Ms. Sarah)

Thank you so much for making my day !!! :):):) La lang ako magawa


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