Saturday, July 02, 2005

i Robot

Tiananmen ... beach ...”Through the fire”

.....Shut up!!!!




I wish I am a robot ….

… so you can just tell me to stop and I will stop

… so you can just ask me to get lost and I will walk away

… so you can just tell me to stop thinking about you and I will just shutdown

… so you can tell me to stop texting you and you can just cut off my hands

But I am not. I just can’t stop. I just can’t stop thinking about you. I just can’t walk away. I just can’t stop loving you. I just can’t.

Wish you are a robot …..

… so I could tell you not to leave me and just stay beside me

… so I could ask you not to stop loving me and just take care of me

… so you wouldn’t be mad at me and we can just forget about all that happened

….. but sadly you are not …..I can’t make you love me again….well at least for now….

….. so now I just miss you so much and this is driving me nuts!! I just can’t stop the pain. I can’t stop hating myself for messing things up. I just can’t stop loving you.


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